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DVD "Moon Crying" новая песня Moon, бонус трек с участием Fergie "That Ain't Cool"

筒咲き everybody lies.
"Kumi Kouda, a new song "Moon -" continuous theme song with singer Dora Kumi Kouda (25) consecutive drama series TV Asahi's new song is "Puzzle" (starting 18th, after 9:00 Friday) will be the theme song to appoint 16 , announced. PR活動を自粛していた3月に制作したというバラード「Moon Crying」で、6月に発売予定。 PR refrain from activities that were produced by the March ballad "Moon Crying," scheduled for release in June. ew y<c d Ew y <c d
DO}bD B#] DO bD B) #]
12日に静岡で全国ツアーをスタート、失言騒動から復帰したばかりの倖田がドラマで新曲をお披露目する。 Shizuoka in the 12th to start a nationwide tour, just returned from the fray gaffe倖田introduction to a new song is a drama. 主題歌を含む4曲を収録したシングル「MOON」を6月に発売。 4 songs including the theme song for the single "MOON" to be released in June. 通算40枚目のシングルになる。 The second 40 career singles. 倖田は「見上げれば月がそばにいる、という世界観で書き上げました」とコメントした。倖田"見上げれnear to the moon, wrote up in a world view." c BuvH`=n `N = c BuvH

TV Asahi collaboration ABC drama "Puzzle" Ballard decided the theme song "Moon Crying

Black-eyed Pease "Fergie" has taken the song "That Ain't Cool"

Also DVD, "Moon Crying" and "That Ain't Cool" (also appeared Fergie!) Includes music videos of two songs Initial machine only recorded a bonus track.
"That Ain't Cool" Kumi Kouda feat. Fergie

Contenuto del dvd:

That Ain't Cool" Kumi Kouda feat. Fergie MUSIC VIDEO
Moon Crying" MUSIC VIDEO J


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筒咲き everybody lies.

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Oricon Style 02.2008

Пусть будет, как будет, ведь как-нибудь да будет, ведь никогда же не было, чтоб не было никак.

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筒咲き everybody lies.

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